Are you planning to get a home built in an area that does not have a municipal water supply? If so, you will likely need to seek water well drilling services. Perhaps there are other homeowners already living in the area who seem to be established and living comfortably. This might have given you peace of mind that getting access to water will be easy. There are a number of things that you need to be aware of that might affect water quality and other aspects of the building project. 

Pre-drilling Complexities

Many individuals fail to realize that there are many factors that will determine where they can install a water well on their property. There is a common misconception that property owners can choose a location and digging will begin. Qualified professionals such as engineers have to be involved in the process. This is because a well needs to be located in an area that will produce water and also a stable area that will not put it at risk for collapsing. 


Property owners might have to abide by statutes and local laws when it is time to proceed with their water well drilling services. The contractor(s) responsible for the project will know how to develop a drilling plan and get the correct documents to proceed with a proposed project. There are things that they might need to adhere to such as not installing the well within a certain number of feet from a septic system, farm animals, and roadways. Depending on the jurisdiction, there might be ordinances that control well installations because of prior flooding events. Even if flooding does not occur each rain season, the ordinances may serve as a protection for communities if a flood occurs.

Nearby Sources of Contamination

If there are agricultural establishments, manufacturing companies, or fuel sources near the property, special considerations for the water well drilling will need to take place. This is due to the possibility of water contamination occurring from water runoff. Homeowners with homes that are built in close proximity to these types of businesses need to be vigilant about getting their water regularly tested for contamination issues.

Post-drilling Requirements and Concerns

Water testing is only one of the things that homeowners with water wells have to do to ensure that they have safe water and a working well. They will also need to have the structure routinely inspected and repaired. The well pump is a common mechanical part that will need to be replaced at some point. Inspections can also reveal if an aged well is having issues that can be improved with processes such as refracturing.

For more information on water well drilling, contact a professional service in your area.