With Christmas arriving quicker every year, and especially this one after COVID-19 seemed to drag on for far longer than it should have, finding appropriate gifts for family and friends can be challenging to say the least. After all, what do you get someone who has the money to buy what they really want or need anyway? You have to think outside of the box and get them something they wouldn't think of but also really want or admire. If your loved one's passion is space or science fiction, then you could send a personal message to outer space for them.

What Message Can You Send?

Messages have to be texts that are of a certain length and can't contain any images at this point. However, the contents of the message are completely up to you. Whether you want to introduce yourself to potential extraterrestrial life listening in or simply bid them good luck out there in the cosmos, when you send your personal message to outer space, it truly is your message and no one else's. The best way to gift this present is to allow the person who you are gifting it to to decide for themselves on the message that they want to send.

How Does It Work?

There are a few different ways these personalized message companies can send messages into space. Often they use modulated laser beams that contain the information you want, much like a phone signal brings information to you from the satellite above your head. However, in this case, it is sending the laser many millions of miles away to places that have never had human eyes see them before. The exciting part is that these messages are very much decodable if intelligent life is out there. While there is, of course, no guarantee your message will be read, this gift is more about experiencing a phenomenon that is at the very heart of every science fiction and space fans' being: interstellar communication.

Where Can You Send It?

There are a number of different options when it comes to choosing where you want to send your personal message to outer space. Perhaps you want to send it to a planet scientists deem is potentially habitable in the future. Maybe you want to send it out as far as it can possibly go without getting interrupted by static from stars and other interferences. Check the list of options available on these interplanetary communication sites and see which one you think best represents your loved one's interest and then book it!

Contact a company like HuLU-F Foundation to learn more.