Do you work in the commercial food industry? Perhaps you are in a kitchen or you assist with putting food onto a production line hundreds or thousands of times per day. Workers in this industry need to take notes or put labels on certain things just like any other kind of business. But using a traditional ink pen while working with or around food is probably not ideal. That's why anyone looking to get into this industry or make their existing process safer may want to purchase one or more metal detectable food pens. Here's what these pens are and why they are so important to your business.

Keep Track of the Pens So They Don't End Up in the Food

Just about everyone has lost a pen from time to time. You get distracted, put the pen down somewhere, and then forget where you put it. But you can't have a pen going missing while food is being processed and packaged. The last thing your company needs is for a pen to end up inside a customer's food package. Metal detectable pens will set off the alarm on a metal detector, allowing you to find a pen that has made its way to somewhere it is not welcome and allowing you to remove that food package before it is shipped out.

Food Pens Use Non-Toxic Ink and Antimicrobial Materials to Increase Safety During Food Preparation

Even if you are not concerned about losing a pen, actually using the pen could also be a reason for concern. If multiple people are touching the pen and then touching food, it's possible to spread germs. Food pens are designed with anti-microbial materials to stop the spread of bacteria. Food pens typically also use non-toxic ink. You'll never voluntarily put ink in any of your food, of course, but if an accident happens and you don't catch something before it ships out, you can at least know the ink inside the food packaging will not harm the customer.

Metal Detectable Food Pens Can Write on More Surfaces Than Just Paper 

Food preparation environments typically include a wide range of different temperatures. Traditional pens may not perform well in a very cold or very hot environment. Traditional pens are also not great at writing on glass or other materials besides basic paper. Some food pens are designed to work in a variety of different environments and write on multiple different material types. You can put a label, warning, or other note on almost any surface to let other workers know critical information without having to worry about the ink staining or causing other issues.

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