An aquarium can be one of the most decorative pieces that are inside of your business and with the right placement and lighting setup, you can work the aquarium design into the furnishing arrangement that you have chosen to use in your commercial facility.

A Separate Unit Or A Built-In Model

A tabletop or floor model aquarium that doesn't contain any ornate trim or supporting materials and focuses on the design and shape of the fish tank can be used to fill an empty spot in your reception area, office, or dining facility.

For a more customer-oriented approach that strives to draw attention to a specific part of your facility's interior, a built-in model that is contained inside of a desk, a bar, or a table can be used as the focal point of one part of your business.

For instance, if you own a restaurant that is located near a beach, a long receptionist's counter that features a wood cabinet that surrounds an aquarium will be supportive of the ocean-themed design that you want to add to your business.

Water Maintenance And Fish Breeds

A saltwater or freshwater tank will need to be installed, prior to having water added to the enclosure. When contemplating which type of tank to set up, learn about the water maintenance required for both types of tanks and any filtration devices that will prevent water from needing to be flushed or replenished.

A saltwater tank may require more upkeep than a freshwater tank and the size of the tank that you purchase will have a bearing on whether you need a filtration device installed during the setup of the tank.

Ask an aquarium installation service provider if they supply installation packages, which include the setup of the tank, the enclosure that will be supporting the aquarium, lighting, and the addition of water. Hold off on purchasing fish for your new tank, unless the installation won't take long and you can quickly transfer the fish into their new habitat. 

Interesting Lights

New lights that are installed in, on, or around an aquarium can work as an alternate light source that will allow you to dim standard lighting in a portion of your business. If you serve a crowd that visits your business late in the day, you may be able to promote a laidback vibe, by turning off bright lighting and relying upon the neon lighting that is inside of the fish aquarium. A bar or a social club could benefit from having a darker room to serve guests and a burst of color that comes from the new aquarium feature.