When trying to transport large pieces of paper, there is only one way to safely do this through the post: mailing tubes. Mailing tubes have been around for a long time and are an effective way to transport everything from building blueprints to that poster of a band you always wanted. However, not all mailing tubes are created the same, so it is important that when you are in the market for mailing tubes you try to get yourself a quality one over the cheap knock-offs. Here are three things you should consider when buying mailing tubes.

The Lock

Most mailing tubes have a simple pop cap that you can easily remove with little force. If you are transporting sensitive information, then it can be worth it to pay a little bit extra to get a more secure lock on your mailing tubes. These come in a variety of different styles but most include some sort of twisting mechanism that secures the cap into place and makes it much harder to accidentally dislodge. For companies that regularly send sensitive information, these extra security precautions are an absolute must-have if you don't want private information to spill out.


Mailing tubes might seem all the same, but there is a huge variety in the thickness of the paper (or cardboard) used in their construction. Heavy-duty mailing tubes can be three or four times thicker than your average mailing tube; they help ensure your documents stay wrinkle-free and safe from any dashes of rain or moisture that they may come into contact with. If you are sending items to somewhere you know to be a little more challenging, then it makes sense to pay a little extra to have that security.

Bulk Buying

Mailing tubes are great to bulk buy because they have no expiration date, so even if you don't need to use them all at the same time, you can store them away, knowing they will be in good condition when you need them. Some stores do not offer bulk buying so make sure that you consider whether or not this is an issue for you and your budget. In such tough financial times, bulk buying is a great way to save a bit of money that can be used in other aspects, so don't miss out on a great deal! 

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