Jewelry has long been viewed as a symbol of beauty and wealth. Modern jewelry can make a statement and add to the overall interest of an outfit. Many women like to amass a large selection of jewelry items to choose from. This ensures that a woman will always have access to the right jewelry accent piece when the need arises.

Silver bracelets should be a staple in your jewelry wardrobe. These bracelets are versatile and hold their value well over time.

Use these three tips to help you find the right silver bracelet as you are shopping for jewelry items to add to your collection.

1. Consider Your Activity Level

Modern women want to wear jewelry on a daily basis. This means that jewelry items will see a lot of different activities throughout the day. Your own personal activity level should play a central role in helping you select a silver bracelet for your jewelry collection.

If you plan to wear your bracelet to five-star restaurants or charity fundraisers, you will want a bracelet that doesn't create a lot of sound when it moves on your arm. Avoid bangles or charm bracelets for these occasions, and opt for a cuff or tennis bracelet instead.

If you want a silver bracelet that you can wear on a daily basis, then you will want a piece with a secure clasp. Steer clear of bracelets with a toggle or S-hook clasp, as these clasps can fail. Opt for a bracelet with a barrel clasp instead. This clasp will prevent the bracelet from falling off as you go about your daily routine.

By factoring activity level into your decision, you can purchase a silver bracelet that isn't likely to get lost or interfere with your lifestyle. 

2. Consider Current Trends

Some jewelry pieces are meant to be timeless, while others feature very trendy designs that can help you create a cutting-edge look. It's important that you take the time to consider current design trends when you are shopping for a silver bracelet. Doing so will help you narrow your options to find the right bracelet.

Bangles are a great option for anyone looking to add trendy yet versatile pieces to their jewelry wardrobe. Bangles can be stacked or layered with other types of bracelets to create a modern look. A single silver bangle can look elegant and chic.

Try to find a silver bracelet that you can wear multiple ways so that you can stay on trend while still investing in a bracelet you will want to wear for years to come.

3. Consider Your Personal Style

Personal style plays a central role in the creation of an overall look. It's easy to be captivated by the beauty and sparkle of jewelry items, but you should always shop with your personal style in mind.

Silver bracelets can run the style gamut from a simple silver link strand to an ornate cuff adorned with gemstones. This diversity allows you to find a silver bracelet that will blend in with your personal style.

Look for a simple and understated bracelet if you tend to be minimal when it comes to your personal style. These types of bracelets will create a polished aesthetic.

If you like lots of color and loud prints, then a silver bracelet with embellishments will fit into your personal style with ease. A simple bracelet could be lost in the overall aesthetic of an eclectic or whimsical personal style, so you want a bracelet with enough interest to shine when paired with any ensemble.

You should approach the purchase of a silver bracelet as an investment. Consider your activity level, current trends, and your personal style to evaluate which bracelet holds the most value for you.