A glossy sheen or a rich, dark accent that is added to unfinished wooden frames can compliment a painting of a landscape or family photographs of you and your loved ones on your most recent camping trip or vacation to the beach. Purchase some frames that contain wooden sides that are simplistic in design or that contain intricate carvings. Use a dye and shellac formula or a wood stain and a sealant to customize each frame that will be housing a painting or a photograph that you will be displaying in your home or office.

Choose A Frame Style

An open front frame or one that contains a glass cover are the two main styles that are used to house wall hangings. A wooden frame that consists of unfinished pieces of lumber will be sanded and ready for the application of a sealant. A simple frame that contains smooth wooden pieces secured with nails or a fancy frame that contains carvings and ornate trim can both be purchased from a retailer that sells decorative pieces for homes or businesses.

Be aware of the size of each frame that you will need and think about the value of each piece that will be displayed. For instance, if you will be hanging up a one-of-a-kind painting or a family photograph that you only have one copy of, you may want to purchase a frame that contains a glass covering so that you can be sure that the artwork or photograph will be protected from dust.

Use Shellac Or Wood Stain

Shellac will add a glossy sheen to a frame and varnish will enhance the wood grain and add a darker color to an unfinished frame. You can either use a basic shellac product or you can mix shellac with a powder or liquid dye that is designed to be used with shellac. If you want to use a custom color, then the application process should be completed in one step, since it may be difficult to attain the same exact depth of color with a secondary batch of dye that has been blended with the shellac.

After preparing a work surface and blending the shellac with dye, use a rag, a sponge, or a paintbrush to apply the shellac. Move the application tool with the grain of the wood. Allow the shellac to dry for a couple of hours. Lightly sand the frame's surface, before adding a second coat of shellac. Use the same application steps for the wood stain. Once the wood stain has dried, add a clear coat of sealant to the frame's surface.

All this can be done for you by custom picture frames services. To learn more about finding the perfect frame for your picture, contact professionals in your area.