Fathers day is approaching soon and that means that you are probably going to be looking for a good gift to give the special guy in your life. There are many different things you can get, but it's always a good idea to get something that he has a special interest in. This article will focus on guys who love beer and all things beer related. The perfect gift for a dad who loves beer, therefore, would be something beer related. Below are a few unique choices to think of.

A Growler with a Ball And Lock Cap

One of the most essential items for beer lovers to have is a growler with a ball and lock cap. The reason that you want to look for a business that sells growlers with these special locks will prevent the beer from losing freshness and carbonation. A regular growler will normally come with a screw on cap that does not seal in he air. The alternative is to look for a business that will offer the unique ball and lock design. These will allow your dad to buy large growlers from their local bar or craft beer store and not have to settle for smaller containers. The large growlers with the unique ball and lock cap design will maintain their freshness.

A Home Brewing Kit

An awesome idea for any dad who loves beer is a home brewing kit that will allow him to experiment and attempt to make beer at home. These kits are great because they have everything that he will need in order to brew beer in the comfort of his own kitchen. You can find a beer kit from a business that caters to beer enthusiasts and choose from one that is geared towards making IPA or Stouts or whatever his favorite style is.

A Beer Of The Month Subscription

Finally, a great idea for a fathers day gift for beer lovers is to find a business that sells beer of the month subscriptions. Then you can order one for your dad and have a delicious and unique craft beer delivered to him on a monthly basis. This is perfect if your dad happens to like trying unique beers but he does not live near a store that stocks a wide variety of craft beers and microbrews. There are businesses that will ship super regional beers across the country. So, your dad can sample beers from niche breweries from Michigan and Maine and every prized brewing location across the country.

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