If you are going to be attending a high school prom or wedding in the near future, you are most likely excited about dressing up and looking your best for the event. Events where there is a need to wear an elegant dress often come along with the showing of your shoulders, back, arms, and legs. If the event is being held at a time when you have not been out in the sun regularly beforehand, you will want to take the time to tan to give your skin a healthy glow. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from a tanning session if you have not been to one in the past.

Prepare Your Skin Before the Session 

It is a good idea to exfoliate your skin a day or two before you intend on going to a tanning salon. This can be done in the shower with a proper exfoliating lotion. Rub it into your skin as you bathe and allow the small granules to remove dead skin cells. Rinse as normal afterward to remove the dead skin from your body.

Get Information From the Salon Workers

It is important to listen to the recommendations the tanning salon workers provide to you before you start your session. They will be able to tell from your skin tone how much time you should stay inside of the tanning bed so you do not come out with a burn. It is best to go inside for the minimum amount of time recommended, so if you are given a range, stick with the lower number for your first visit. Ask if the salon sells a specific tanning lotion to be used in the tanning beds and purchase it beforehand. This will work much better than a tanning lotion meant for outdoor activities.

Cover Your Eyes and Move During the Session

If you do not use a stand-up tanning bed, it is best to rotate your body from side to side during the session. This will aid in keeping the sides of your body from being a slightly lighter shade than your front and back. Make sure to keep a pair of eye buds on hand to place over your eyes during the tanning sessions. These can be placed over your closed eyelids and will not leave behind a line over the bridge of your nose as standard tanning eye protection will.

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