Business conferences provide attendees with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill while networking with other professionals in their chosen industry. Bringing in a guest speaker can be a great way to encourage conference attendance, and it can also give conference attendees something to look forward to. A guest speaker can only serve as a valuable asset if you are properly prepared for the event.

Here are three things that you can do the day your guest speaker arrives to ensure that your event runs smoothly in the future.

1. Give your guest speaker time to settle in.

Many conference planners make the mistake of whisking their guest speaker directly from the airport to the conference venue. Although this might seem like a good idea, it can result in a guest speaker that is tired, cranky, and less cordial than expected.

To ensure that the mood of your guest speaker doesn't put a damper on the quality of his or her presentation, it can be beneficial to give the speaker time to settle into his or her hotel room prior to transporting him or her to the conference venue.

2. Provide your guest speaker with an information packet.

In addition to giving your guest speaker a copy of the conference schedule, you should provide him or her with an information packet that will answer any questions that may arise throughout the course of the guest speaker's stay.

This information packet should include the names and cell phone numbers of each of your planning committee members, demographics for your conference attendees, and recommendations for dining and entertainment options in the area. Having this information packet lets your guest speaker feel more at ease while he or she spends time in a new city preparing to address your conference attendees.

3. Review any audio visual needs.

Most guest speakers know that taking advantage of technology can be a great way to captivate conference attendees.

You should take a few minutes to consult with your guest speaker regarding his or her audio visual needs on the day of their arrival. This will give you time to ensure you have the right equipment and technicians in place to run any slideshows, music, or video components that your guest speaker wants to include in his or her presentation.

Hiring a guest speaker can be an effective way to add value to your next business conference. Be sure the experience is a positive one for both you and your guest speaker by giving him or her time to settle in, providing an information packet, and reviewing any audio visual needs on the day of the speaker's arrival.