Shipping tubes can be used to mail blueprints and floor plans, but they have a variety of other applications for business. Use the following guide to come up with creative uses for shipping tubes in your business.

High-Priority Shipping

Custom colored mailing tubes can give your documents a high-priority look when being shipped to your customers or clients. You can have the tubes printed in your company's signature color along with your business logo, which can give your mailings enhanced visibility. Consider using shorter tubes to mail contracts and other documents instead of traditional envelopes as a unique way to set your paperwork apart in your clients' mail rooms.

Document Organization

If your company creates a wide range of large-scale documents, consider using colored mailing tubes to create an organizational system for storing the paper. For example, blueprints in the rough draft stage can be stored in yellow tubes, while plans that have been given final approval can be stored in green tubes. This helps to make your items easier to find and easier for your employees to sort. Give your clients a key to the color-coding system, and mail the blueprints or plans in the appropriate colored tube to indicate which stage of the design phase they are currently in.

Supply Sorting

Yes, mailing tubes can be used for more than just document shipping and sorting. Place shorter tubes in a file cabinet drawer, and use them to organize pens, pencils, markers, and other small office supplies. You can also arrange tubes on a bookshelf to create a paper sorting center or a mailbox system for your office staff. Long tubes are ideal for protecting rolls of gift wrap your office might use for wrapping client gifts. Get creative and look for other ways you can use mailing tubes to sort your office supplies, and consider using colored tubes to create a coding system for even better organization.

Product Shipping

You can ship more than just paperwork to customers using colored mailing tubes. They are ideal for shipping inventory items as well. Consider using the tubes to mail items such as umbrellas, flashlights, and even fishing poles. You can use a different colored tube for each category of items you sell, which can help the shipping department to sort items before shipping. Be sure to have the tubes printed with your company name and logo so your customers can associate this unique packaging option with your business.

Work with your custom printing company to find the sizes, colors, and designs that work for your business, and get more use out of your mailing tubes with these creative ideas. Contact a company like Chicago Mailing Tube Co. to get started.