Making laundry equipment available to the guests who stop in for a stay at your hotel is perhaps one of the most logical investments you can make in your business. When guests have a way to do laundry, they will feel more at home and may even stay a few extra days because of it. While investing in coin-operated laundry equipment is a wise choice, it can be a costly one that you will want to protect for the long term. Take a look at this simple set of rules and guidelines to post by your equipment in your hotel. 

1. Always use the recommended level of detergent. This one sounds logical, but there are many people who pour in loads of soap when they wash a load of laundry because they assume that more detergent means cleaner clothing. Too much detergent can wreak havoc on a washing machine over time. It can create a massive amount of buildup in drainage lines and create the need for costly maintenance work. So a simple reminder to follow detergent level recommendations is a good thing to give. Some coin-operated laundry equipment actually boasts an automatic detergent dispenser, which eliminates the potential for human error. Check out a company like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. to browse through different types of laundry equipment.

2. Leave the washing machine door open after removing a load. Most modern washing machines are designed with tight-fitting seals around the lid of the machine to prevent water, moisture, or even odors from seeping out. The only downfall to this is the fact that leaving the lid closed for long periods while there is moisture in the tub can lead to issues with mold and mildew development. A simple solution is to allow the inside of the machine to briefly air out once a load of washed clothing is removed, which can be accomplished by leaving the lid or door open. 

3. Clean out the lint trap on the dryer before and after every use. The lint trap on the dryer has everything to do with how efficiently the dryer will dry the clothing inside. Plus, if the lint trap is allowed to get clogged, it can prevent heated air from cycling out of the appliance during run time, which can cause overheating of the dryer, its motor, and the moving components. Make sure you have a trash can near the equipment for guests to dispose of lint and post this friendly reminder.