Once you purchase a floor for your guard, you will have to decide if you want to paint it to match your show's theme or keep the floor the colors you have ordered. A neutral floor can be used for several years and loaned to other guards, but painting your floor has several benefits. Below are just a few of the benefits of a custom painted floor. 

A Floor That Matches Your Theme Will Draw Your Audience In

Modern color guard has moved beyond simple movement into creating a complete visual experience. A painted floor can add depth and uniqueness to your performance, making it more enjoyable and memorable. In competitions, this can result in higher ratings. 

Painting Your Floor Is a Good Bonding Activity for Your Guard 

You don't need to hire professionals to paint your floor. In fact, it is an excellent way for your guard members or booster club to bond. Designing the paint scheme can be an extra creative outlet for your guard and completing the paint job can be a way for the members to connect during the off-season and maintain their team spirit. 

Painting Your Floor Can Make It Look Newer

Each season your floor will likely suffer several scuffs from dropped equipment and general wear. While cleaning your floor regularly will help reduce the appearance of scuffs and marks, there will come a time when covering the scuff marks will be your best option for keeping your floor in competition condition. Planning to repaint your floor each year will help ensure that your floor looks clean and crisp for each season. 

A Painted Floor Offers Positioning Markers for Your Guard

While a neutral floor provides a better backdrop for your show than a gym floor, covering the gym floor takes away the positioning markers that the lines on the gym floor, which can be used to help your guard members hit the correct formations during their show. Painting a design on your floor is a sly way to put those visual markers back onto the floor without detracting from the visual impact of the floor. 

Before painting your floor, you should contact your floor's manufacturer to ask about painting products you should avoid in order to maintain the integrity of the floor. The floor's manufacturer will also be able to recommend paints that have been tested by other clients and produced good results.