Do you live in an apartment and own or have plans to buy a gun? If so, you need to carefully consider how to properly care for your new gun and ensure security. Apartments are often subject to break-ins. This makes it necessary for most renters to consider ways to conceal their guns and prevent them from getting stolen.

Hiding Your Gun

You have likely considered hiding your gun in your apartment in an area that you view as discreet. This can work for some individuals, but handguns may still be found during a break-in. If you plan to hide your gun, avoid hiding it in a place where thieves are likely to look for guns or other valuables. Examples of areas to avoid hiding your gun are in closets, under mattresses, or in drawers. This is because thieves usually rummage through these areas. Examples of potential storage areas are in a pantry in a food container that is not see-through or alongside a bed that sits close to a wall in an unmarked box or shoebox. Keep in mind that these hidden storage ideas are not ideal if you have young children in your home because they could find the gun. Opt for secure gun storage if you have children.

Unbolted Gun Safes

This type of safe is a means to lock guns away securely. They can hold small or large guns. There are unbolted gun safes that utilize a combination lock, keys or both. If you live in a high-crime area, it is wise to consider whether an unbolted safe is ideal. If you opt to invest in one, it would be best to choose one that is heavy weight because it may prove to be more difficult for a thief to remove from your apartment. Most heavy gun safes are designed for larger guns. Therefore, if you opt for a smaller and light weight version of an unbolted gun safe for a handgun, ensure you hide it in an area such as those previously mentioned. 

Bolted Gun Safes

This is ideally the securest option for protecting a gun. These safes are similar to unbolted gun safes, but they bolt to floors making them difficult to remove without the appropriate lock or key combinations. Most thieves want a quick get away and likely will not take the time to try to get away with a gun safe that is bolted to the floor. Living in an apartment might mean that your lease has specific clauses about making amendments to the property. You may want to discuss with your landlord whether it is permissible to bolt your safe to your floor. 

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