If you have ever toured a model home, you have probably noticed that they are beautifully designed and feature a variety of carefully selected furniture. A lot of work goes into creating a model home that is warm and inviting, so it is natural to fall in love with the furnishings used. Luckily, you don't have to just dream about having similar furnishings in your own home-- there are several ways to purchase the furniture that you see in model homes. Use the following tips to bring model home furniture into your own home:

Purchase from the Builder

Model homes don't remain model homes forever-- after all of the homes in a newly built community are sold, the model home will eventually be sold as well. If you're buying a home in a newly built community, you may be able to negotiate with the builder to purchase the furniture in a model home directly from them after the close-out date for the model home passes. Talk with the sales rep at the model home to see what price the builder would accept for the furniture in the home. Your offer has a better chance of being accepted if you are able to arrange to pick up the furniture from the model home yourself on a specified date.

Attend a Furniture Auction

In some cases, builders have contracts with local auction companies to liquidate model home furniture. In these situations, the builder either sells the furniture directly to the auction company, or the auction company sells the furniture on behalf of the builder. If the builder can't sell the furniture to you directly because they already have an agreement with an auction company, ask them the name of the auction company that they use. Purchasing model home furniture at an auction can still be a lot less expensive than paying retail price for the type of high-end furniture found in most model homes.

Shop at a Discount Furniture Store that Specializes in High-End Furniture

There are many furniture stores that source high-end furniture from model homes, film sets, and furniture rental companies and then sell them for a discounted price. Shopping at this type of furniture store can give you the opportunity to look at a wide variety of very nice furniture that is of the highest quality. In many cases, there may be room for negotiation on the price you pay, especially if you are buying several pieces of furniture.