The dog days of summer are a great time to get out into the woods in your pop-up camper to escape the heat during the day, but you may still end up missing your home air conditioner on hot humid nights. The best way to enjoy the woods while escaping the heat in the city is to install an air conditioner in the pop-up camper so you can sleep in comfort. If you are good with working with your hands, here is an overview on how you can install an air conditioner in the vent opening on your pop-up camper.

Purchase Air Conditioner

A standard RV rooftop air conditioner that fits into the vent opening can be used on your pop-up camper. The important thing is that you get a light-weight model that won't put too much stress on a pop-up camper roof. Measure the opening of the vent to make sure you get an air conditioner that will fit into it.

Remove Vent

Unscrew the bracket attaching the vent to the roof and remove the vent and bracket. You should also remove the weather stripping and caulking from around the vent opening. Any caulk or rubber from the weather stripping that sticks to the roof can be removed with a plastic putty knife. A plastic putty knife won't scratch the roof as easily as a metal one. Clean the perimeter of the opening with mineral spirits to remove any residue from the caulking or weather stripping. After cleaning, you should fill the screw holes with fresh exterior-use caulk before setting the compressor over the vent opening. The caulk will prevent water from getting in through the screw holes.

Install Compressor Unit

The compressor unit goes on top of the roof. 

Many RV air conditioner units have a gasket already installed on the bottom of the compressor unit to create a good seal to prevent air and water leaks. You want to set the compressor down into place over the vent opening without sliding it across the roof. Sliding the compressor across the roof could damage the gasket. Place the compressor over the vent opening hole. Open the roof on the pop-up camper and make sure the compressor is centered properly over the opening so you can install the mounting hardware.

Install Duct Divider

The duct divider goes into the space between the compressor and the fan bracket of the air conditioner. The duct divider is used to separate the one side of the compressor that pulls fresh air into the unit from the side that pushes cool air into the camper.

Install Fan

The blower fan and bracket for the air conditioner are mounted to the bottom of the compressor from inside the camper with long bolts. Bolt the fan and bracket to the compressor.

Install Fan Cover

The last thing you need to do is screw the fan cover to the mounting bracket for the fan before you plug the air conditioner into an electrical outlet inside the camper. Turn on the air conditioner to make sure you get cool air before you go out camping.

For additional information, contact an air conditioning contractor in your area.